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Whether in a hotel garden, shopping center atrium, department store display windows, theme park, restaurant patio, on a theater stage, or the grounds of an estate, creating a unique and enjoyable environment for guests and customers is always a high priority. What better way to generate surprise and enjoyment than by showcasing the unique capabilities of the amazing Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights.

How often does a truly unique product appear that can add so much to the esthetic value of an area or display, whether indoors or out? The fact is, Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are so uniquely different than any other lighting system currently available that they have four patents pending.

Add to the unique capabilities of Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights our ability to custom program each individual 'firefly' for flash, flicker, fade, color, delay interval, and even size, and you have a fully customized lighting display unlike any other in the world. We can add as many 'fireflies' as the system design requires, with each 'firefly' operating independently.

In order to strategically place the 'fireflies' in optimum locations within the landscape or display, we utilize small diameter, dark brown, UL approved outdoor wiring that blends seamlessly with the foliage or background. Each 'firefly' lantern can be custom sized to meet design requirements, helping to maintain continuity between our electronic fireflies and those of Mother Nature.

We're happy to work closely with lighting designers on a variety of specialty applications including: museums, stage productions, amusement theme rides, commercial applications, motion picture productions, magic illusions, and much more.

We also work with landscape designers and contractors to supply standard or custom Firefly Magic® Firefly Light products and systems. We can assist with full low voltage system design support when requested. As a licensed California Specialty Low Voltage Contractor since 1986, our custom design and installation services always focus on providing the highest quality and performance lighting systems to our customers.

The Cover on the March 2006 Edition of Watershapes magazine features a beautiful pool, waterfeature, and landscape designed by Colleen Holmes, President of New Leaf Landscape of Agoura Hills.

As a key part of the project, the homeowner wanted the look and feel of fireflies incorporated in the design to add an exotic touch to the magnificent Caribbean environment.

Colleen contact Sigma Two Industries, who in turn designed and installed a custom Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights system that encompassed the pool and surrounding patio areas.

Watershapes caters to designers, engineers and builders of pools, ponds, waterfalls, spas, fountains and all other forms of contained, controlled water.

New Leaf Landscape is a full-service landscape and design construction firm specializing exclusively on high-end residential projects including a number of celebrities' homes.

If you feel that incorporating lifelike Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights into a project you're developing, would be happy to discuss the design and operational capabilities of of our custom Firefly Magic® Firefly Light with you.

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